How to play floorball

Floorball is an indoor sport that can be played the entire year. All you need is some sticks, some friends and a ball and the game can get going. Floorball can be played everywhere. In schools, outside on a parking lot or in the street. The advantages of floorball is that you donĀ“t need many things before the game can start. Though, there are a lot of things to have in mind before playing official games of floorball. Below you find useful information about how to play floorball!

Floorball is played 5 against 5 with one goalkeeper in each team. You can have as much as 20 players in your roster and the game has two referees. The goals are 160×115 cm big goals with nets and the goalkeepers normally sits on their knees. A line normally has two defenders, one center and two attackers to establish a good combination of defense and attack.

The playing field is 40 x 20 meters and that is the recommended size from the IFF and the court size that all official games and tournaments are held in. Floorball is played with a rink around the field, almost like ice hockey, but the floorball rink is lower, only 50 cm high.

The normal playing time is 3 x 20 minutes with two 10 minute intermissions. The younger the players are, the shorter the playing time will be. Every new game and every new period starts with a face-off.

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