Change your blade!

A floorball blade is changeable that means that you can put another blade on your stick of you would like to. The more you use a blade, the more torned it get. Some use their blades for 5-6 years and some change every 3 months. If you would like to change your blade to another one right now, read the text below!

1. Remove your old blade. Your old blade is attached to the shaft with screws. Remove the screws from the blade and heat the small part of the blade that is attached to the stick. Pull straight up and the blade will come off. If you start tearing the bladeyou will break the small parts inside your blade that will make the blade stay on the same place and you will not be able to use it again. The shaft has small grooves where the blade is attached so the blade wont move around. If you tear the blade around you might break these also.

2. Heat you new blade. Heaten your blade for some seconds to easier attach it to the shaft. Make sure that you put your blade straight on the shaft so you connect the small grooves in the shaft with the small plastic parts inside the blade so it will stay on the same spot. Make sure that you have pushed the blade all the way in.

3. Create holes. Use a drilling machine to create small holes in the shaft. When this is done, put the new screws in with a screwdriver, one on each side, and the new blade is attached!

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