Change your gripband!

Normally, a floorball stick has a gripband to improve the grip when playing floorball. This grip is replacable and can easily be done by yourself at home. All you need is a new gripband and it only takes about 5 minutes. Watch below hot is´t done.


1. Remove your old gripband. If your gripband is wrapped, you just open the tape down closest to the blade and pull it off. Make sure that you get all the glue away from the stick. If the gripband is sewed, you need a scissor or a knife to cut the gripband open where it has been sewn.

2. Start adding the grip. Start always from the top of the stick and work down. By doing this you will add the gripband in the right direction and you won´t have any problem with a gripband that breaks. When you start adding the grip on the knob, you need to stretch the gripband so it will fit tight to the knob.

3. Keep wrapping. The longer your gripband is, the heavier will the stick be. This is also about feeling. When you have found the right length for you, cut the gripband with a scissor and attach it with some tape and you can start playing!

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