Reactor Floorball is a brand that developes and manufactures basic floorball equipment to be used all over the world. We have many years of experience together with the world leading brand UNIHOC, which was founded in 1972. Together these two brands have created a mix of products for all player types, both for professionals and for kids in the streets. Whether you are looking for an approved match stick or for a basic stick for playing outdoors, Reactor Floorball has it all!

Reactor Floorball is a part of Renew Group Sweden AB that also handles and manufactures the sport brands UNIHOC, ZONE and Zii Freebandy. Recently, Renew Group also required the rights to the brand ISOSTAR in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Renew Group has 28 employees with head office in Mölnlycke, Sweden and sales office in Chur, Switzerland.

As you can see we are a company in the sports business. We have over 30 years of experience in the floorball category so we are acompany that you can rely on. Welcome to Reactor Floorball – a part of Renew Group!



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