3 steps to get a great hook!

Floorball blades are made in plastic and are adjustable to suit all player types. Some people like to play without a hook on the blade to retain great passing skills and great technique. Some players like to have a hook on the blade to retain great ball handling in the shooting moment and to easily shoot higher. Follow the steps below to create your personal hook in 3 fast steps!

1. Heaten up your blade. When you put heat on the blade, the plastic gets more elastic and you can easily create your own personal hook. If you can, use a heating device to ensure that the blade gets hot. Don´t keep the blade still. Move around so the plastic won´t melt down for about 5-15 seconds before you can start bending.

2. Create your personal hook. When you create you hook, don´t bend it too much. Try a bit at a time instead so you don´t create something that you can´t play with. Take is easy because the blade will stay warm for some minutes.

3. Cool down the blade. Put some cold water in a big bowl and put your blade in when you made your hook. Let the blade stay there for 5-10 minutes before you dry it off and you will have your customized hook. Don´t play with the blade when it is ice cold because it can break. Wait some minutes before it has reached it´s normal temperature.

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